Dining Club
Allows employees to save up to 50% at the best selection of restaurants with a Dining Membership Card

In the financial year ending 2016 (2015/16), UK households spent an average of £45.10 per week on restaurants
(Office of National Statistics, February 2017)

Benefit Overview

Employees can save up to 50% at a wide range of bars and restaurants nationwide.

There are several thousand establishments to choose from, ranging from Michelin-starred restaurants to local independents and popular high street chains.

You simply present your Dining Card when you pay the bill and receive the discount at point of sale.

How is it paid for ?

Employees will save over 40% off the annual high street membership rate (correct as of January 2018).  Many of our clients choose to collect the annual membership in one deduction from net salary.

Several of the clients we work with have bought Dining Club membership for  employees as a reward, there are no tax implications.

We have also had employers buy membership for client-facing employees or team leaders for use when buying staff meals out or staying away overnight with work.

why consider this benefit ?

The Dining Club is an extremely”visible” employee benefit which is used on a weekly/monthly basis. It is a benefit that generates an immediate and quantifiable positive financial impact for your employees and demonstrates the perks of working for your  business to their families / friends each time they pay a restaurant bill.

Employees save off the high street membership price and then potentially £100’s each year when using the Dining Club. Even using it once per month could add up to £100’s in saving over the course of a year.