Cancer Screening
Help employees access early detection cancer screening and pay for it through their salary

Four in five people with cancer are affected by the financial impact of cancer, on average incurring costs of £570 a month.  Thirty per cent of people with cancer experience a loss of income as a result of their cancer, with those affected losing, on average, £860 a month.  (University of Bristol’s Personal Finance Research Centre and TNS BMRB for Macmillan, 2012).  Please note: the charities shown here do not endorse this product, but if you would like to find out more about them, adopt one as your company charity or to donate please click on their logos. My Benefits World receives no financial incentive for this.

Benefit Overview

Cancer Screening is designed to complement and supplement the routine screening services currently offered by the NHS in relation to breast cancer and cervical cancer. It focuses particularly on risk factors relating to the following cancers: ovary, prostate, pancreas, oesophagus, stomach, bowel, kidney, bladder, leukaemia, lymphoma, liver, bone, lung. The screening includes a 20 minute telephone consultation with a GP after all laboratory results have been analysed. The review includes discussing any symptoms that employees are worried about.

With the largest network of health clinics in the UK (1,742) most people will find a convenient screening location no further than 20 minutes from where they live or work. There are no minimum numbers required. If test results come back positive, or are of concern, employees will be supported and guided through the next steps. This may involve NHS or private treatment (if they have PMI).

How is it paid for ?

Most schemes operate through employee paid salary sacrifice. The cost to employees works out at £20 per month over 12 months. They will save National Insurance on this amount, reducing the cost for a basic rate taxpayer  by 12% and 2% for a higher rate taxpayer.

Employees generally opt for a re-screen every 2-3 years but this is entirely down to the individual.

Why consider this benefit ?

By supporting staff to detect early signs of cancer the employer could potentially save your employees life, collectively the cancers tested for claim over 100,000 lives in the UK each year.

This benefit can help provide peace of mind to employees who have family history of cancer .

Early detection of cancer can significantly reduce long-term absenteeism and the associated costs.