Provides employees with a personal health service from the comfort of their own home and allows them to pay for it through their salary

The average wait for a GP appointment is around 13 days, despite measures introduced by the NHS to alleviate pressures on general practice.  (Pulse, 2 June 2017)

Benefit Overview

Babylon is a free downloadable app for a smartphone device or tablet which offers a personal health service. With Babylon your employees can speak to a doctor, specialist or therapist in minutes by booking a video or telephone consultation in seconds. They can even get a prescription delivered direct to  their home or office address, or collect from a local pharmacy, usually within the hour. There is also the option to text medical questions and get quick answers from certified medical professionals

The option to give family members access to the service,  has shown to be particularly valuable for those employees with children.

How is it paid for ?

Employee Paid through salary deduction from Net Salary. Having said that, a number of clients have been so impressed by feedback they have had from employees who have used the service, they have subseqnetly bought access for their employees. The more employees who have access to Babylon, the lower the cost.

Why consider this benefit ?

Babylon can help reduce absenteeism with employees able to access medical advice online or over the phone. It encourages employees to proactively look after their health knowing that a doctor is only a click away and not being put off seeking medical advice with increasingly long waiting times for appointments at a GP Surgery. Babylon also allows employees to contact a doctor in the UK if abroad on business or annual leave.

Employees who have children have noted that one of most valuable uses of Babylon is when they have been abroad and their child (or partner) has been unwell. Whilst there may have been nothing wrong with local medical services they said that it was difficult to put a price on the peace of mind they got from speaking to a UK doctor.